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Beach at Sunset

There is a variety of Mindfulness Based courses to choose from, whether you are looking for something specific like working with couples or parenting or to learn more about mindfulness itself in the introductory or full 8 week course. 

Individual Sessions are available for  Mindfulness Based Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy  (MBTAP) looking at any any psychotherapeutic issue (particularly relevant to past trauma) and individual help with developing a Mindfulness practice. 

A mindfulness group is a great way to continue and deepen your practice with other like minded people, we would love you to join us. We meet on the first Monday each month. At present it is free to all who have done an

8 week MBSR course.

If you are a business, organisation, teaching or training establishment, Mindfulness training will benefit both individuals and the work place environment. See what we can offer you with our flexible custom packages.

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