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Mindfulness Parenting

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Who is it for: 

Parents, people thinking of becoming parents, anyone working with children.


Online using Zoom.

Course Teacher:

Jules Marshall, MSc TA Psych. MA MBA, BSc Psych. PTSTA. CTA. APSE UKCP reg.

Parenting our children is one of the most difficult and stressful jobs we ever undertake. This course will introduce you to how we can use Mindfulness to help manage stressful situations and to enhance our relationships with our children. We will look at how our own past experiences could get in the way of having happy, fulfilling and conflict free relationships and how being aware of what is happening for us in the present moment can change outcomes.


If you have children, are thinking of having children or work with children in any capacity this course will be of help. We will learn about Mindful Communication which is important in all relationships but especially when dealing with such impressionable souls as children.

Children learn how to be in the world from what they see and how the people with whom they have formed close attachment bonds, think, feel and behave. Part of this exploration may involve what and how you learned about parenting. Some of which you may be happy to pass on, some you may have already decided you want to be different. Experience has shown that a course like this benefits both parents and children.

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 If you are interested  and would like more details contact Jules on the form below or

 please feel free to give her a call on 01558 685066.

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This course is taken from and abides by the curriculum created by John Kabat-Zins original Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course. You will learn about mindfulness and how to develop your own mindfulness practice.

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