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Couple Meditating

Places are limited so Book Now to avoid missing out.

Who is it for: 

Anyone - Subject to Interview


Online using Zoom.

Course Presenter:

Jules Marshall, MSc TA Psych. BSc Psych., PTSTA, CTA, MBACP, UKCP Reg.

All Day Mindfulness Course

Next Course Starts
Saturday 25th November 2023 

Places are limited so Book Now to avoid missing out.

Who is it for: 

Anyone who has completed an 8 week course either with me or with someone else.


Online using Zoom.

Course Teacher:

Jules Marshall, MSc TA Psych. MA MBA, BSc Psych. PTSTA. CTA. APSE UKCP reg.

As part of the 8 Week MBSR course we hold an ALL DAY session between weeks 6 and 7.

​This all day silent retreat day is also open to anyone who has already completed the 8 Week MBSR course or similar and would like a day of mindful experience to further their practice.

The day runs from 9.30am - 4.30pm and is held predominantly in silence and gives the chance to experience a silent retreat for just one day. The day consists of various mindful meditation experiences, and relevant poems, stories and readings.

It gives participants the opportunity to 'Dive-In', establishing the use of Mindfulness across multiple situations in life while preparing to use these methods far beyond the conclusion of the programme.​

The ALL DAY retreat is currently being run on-line so people are asked to make a space to do the course, having everything required for the day prepared and to hand (drinks, lunch, writing materials etc.). It is helpful to let friends/family know you are 'on retreat' asking that they respect your wish to simulate a retreat day by not disturbing you. The invitation is to make yourself as comfortable as possible, with mats, cushions, blankets and that you have sufficient space to do sitting, movement and walking meditations.

​You can book your place on the next ALL DAY Session by clicking on the button below.

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This course is taken from and abides by the curriculum created by John Kabat-Zins original Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course. You will learn about mindfulness and how to develop your own mindfulness practice.

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