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Mindfulness Practitioner and Teacher in Carmarthenshire


Are you looking for a reputable mindfulness practitioner and teacher in Carmarthenshire?

How Mindfulness can help

People may start a mindfulness practice of their own for various reasons.

By doing regular Mindful Meditation Practices you can:

  • Increase awareness about every aspect of your life

  • Develop a new outlook towards life

  • Enhance wisdom

  • Increase strength and confidence 

  • Potentially minimise the effect of chronic physical pain or many long-term medical conditions

  • Increase ability to relax

  • Increase ability to handle stressful situations 


       And more...

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Nurture Your

Physical and Emotional


My approach to therapy is mindful, humanistic and relational. The theoretical model I use is Transactional Analysis integrated with some Cognitive, Gestalt and Mindfulness influences and my focus is on the moment and what is happening right there in the therapy room.

I believe that everyone has the right to be happy and reach their full potential. Eric Berne the father of TA describes it as becoming the Prince or Princess of the fairy tale rather than being satisfied with just being a ‘happier frog’ ! I see my role as assisting people to achieve that potential.

John Kabat-Zin invites us to spend

each moment of our time

 ‘…as if your life depended on it.
Because it does – in more ways than you think.’
Sandy Beach

"When we learn to observe our anxious thoughts and feeling with kindness and curiosity, we are less gripped and controlled by them."

Dr. Amy Saltzman

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