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Mindfulness Group for Businesses Staff, Teams and Projects


Course Teacher

Jules Marshall

MSc TA Psych. MA MBA, BSc Psych. PTSTA. CTA. APSE UKCP reg.

About the course

Mindfulness is a current 'buzz word' often thrown around without any real understanding of what is involved. To offer a supportive Mindfulness based group it is important to introduce staff to Mindfulness.

By explaining the benefits and commitment involved in using mindfulness as a way of being more present and focusing attention.

After an introductory or 8 week course, we can offer ongoing follow-up groups as a means of sustaining the lessons learned during the courses.

​We can organise weekly/monthly groups for staff, teams and projects, to enable participants to come together and support each other in Mindful meditations and interpersonal communications.

Practising mindfulness in a group is a great way for like-minded people to come together and get support from each other. The main intention is to provide individuals in the group an opportunity to meditate and discuss their experiences.

If you are interested in discussing how a group might benefit your workforce then please get in touch for more information.

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