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Introductory Course for the Workplace


Course Teacher

Jules Marshall

MSc TA Psych. MA MBA, BSc Psych. PTSTA. CTA. APSE UKCP reg.

About the course

If your business, organisation, employees, or trainees are new to Mindfulness what better way to start than with an introduction that provides a better understanding of what mindfulness is all about. We explore where it came from, the benefits and introduce your workforce to practices that increase health and well-being.

The course is informational, and sessions involve basic experiential mindfulness practices that participants can start using straight away and also make use of beyond the session.

The introduction can be tailored to meet your needs and offers a great way to motivate staff to learn more about Mindfulness. As a business it is a great way to gauge the interest in running a longer Mindfulness training course.

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