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8-Week Mindfulness Courses for the Workplace


Course Teacher

Jules Marshall

MSc TA Psych. MA MBA, BSc Psych. PTSTA. CTA. APSE UKCP reg.

About the course

When Investing in staff training every business wants to know that the skills learned are sustainable. Based on published research in mindfulness and experience of running 8 week courses, participants report that the mindfulness practices taught on the course can help with:

• Being more aware their own internal states, impulses.
• Creating a sense of calmness in the midst of difficult, stressful or emotionally challenging situations.
• Increasing their engagement and satisfaction with work.
• Staying focused without the mind being distracted.

The sessions involve a combination of guided meditation practices and discussion around the practical applications of mindfulness in everyday life and the workplace.

The weekly sessions have been created to encourage a progressive development of mindfulness skills that can bring about lasting changes in the individual participants and thus, your business.

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